3 Need-to-Know Tips for Social Media Noobs

So you want to get started with social media on your own? Making the world of tweets, pins and trends really work for you won’t be easy – like any aspect of business, it’s dog eat dog! Here are five essential starting points:


1.      Pick your platform and take it slooow.

First off you need to choose which social media sites you want to work with. There are HUNDREDS to choose from aside the big guns – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest – and they all have their own different approach to help you say ‘look at me’. Getting to grips with how the most popular platforms work is easy:

  • Twitter – I’m eating pie


  • Facebook – I like pie


  • LinkedIn – I have skills including eating pie


  • Foursquare – This is where I eat my pie


  • Pinterest – Here’s a pie recipe


  • Instagram – Here’s a vintage style photo of my pie


  • Google+ – I work for Google and eat pie


  • Last.FM – I’m listening to songs about pie


Mmm, fancy some pie?

Once you’ve got to grips with which site does what, take it slowly. There’s no need to go ploughing through the whole list and starting a profile on every single one! Work out what’s really going to work for you – a sneaky peek at your competitor’s web presence will help you out here. When you’ve rounded up a nice following on Twitter, it’s easier to bring them over to a Facebook page than starting from scratch there. When you’ve cranked up the likes on Facebook, you can send them on to Pinterest! Just avoid posting the exact same content across all platforms, this will get repetitive for your audience – nobody likes a bore.

Cheers, Memegenerator.net!


2.      Create your persona. Put it about.

Social media success comes from making an impact, getting people hooked on your web personality and what you have to say. This means having the same branding, the same tone and same profile blurb. Decide on your web persona and start putting it about. You want people to recognise you wherever you are online. Provide a little teaser of what to expect from your social media stream – “tweeter of tea reviews and biscuit dunking dilemmas” – whatever your niche may be!

Whether you’re a business or an individual, just remember that putting it about doesn’t mean giving a constant commentary 24/7. Clogging up your followers’ timeline is a sure-fire way to lose your supporters. Oh and never drink and tweet. Garbled posts about your ex are another likely follower turn-off!


3.      Share and share alike

Don’t have time to be collating and sharing exciting snippets of content for your audience? Give up now! Content is king and social media success relies upon ‘sharing and caring’. What’s considered interesting content depends upon your sector; news stories, blog posts, statistics, quotes, photos and videos usually go down well. And cats. Cats are always funny. No?

Thanks, Pandawhale.com!

Need more content inspiration? Find out what the big boys in your niche are doing. Social media is an awesome way to keep tracks on your business idols and follow their every move. You can use their own shares as a starting point for yours.

Don’t forget to spread the love and engage with other people’s content too. Liking, favouriting or re-sharing other users posts is a crucial part of building a follower/fan base who LOVE you!

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